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Summer Term

Summer 2


Our final Foundation stage term kicked off with a bang or should we say a ROAR! with a visit from Jam the T rex. The children were in awe of our prehistoric pal for the day and got to learn lots about different dinosaurs with a range of activities and talks throughout the day. As you can tell by the photographs it was definitely a day to remember.


Following this we found some dinosaur footprints and some eggs! What a surprise.  The children have been investigators and learned all about different dinosaurs, writing about them describing what they look like and writing information sentences. They are all experts now and are getting better at applying their phonics to help them write every day. 


The children have been deepening their understanding of maths ready for Year 1 and have been looking at dinosaur doubles, adding and subtracting and odd and even numbers. They have been practicing sharing amounts and measuring dino footprints with non standard measures.


We have been getting year 1 ready, streaming for phonics, practicing our speaking and listening, thinking about others and setting a good example on the corridor. We have spent lots of time playing outside developing our core skills and being with friends. The children are all looking forward to continuing their learning journey in year 1 and we are proud of each and every one of them. 

Summer 1


Summer 1 has been minibeastastic in Foundation stage. We kicked off the topic with the arrival of our caterpillars. The children were absolutely fascinated watching the changes through their life cycle and we all shared releasing the most beautiful butterflies into our school grounds.

One of our story books has been The king of tiny things and this helped us focus on how to care for minibeasts. The children have loved mini beast hunts outside helping top up the outdoor bug hotel and making their own habitats for insects.

Children learned in detail about worms and snails and produced some beautiful writing using their increasing phonics knowledge. Their artwork has been amazing with watercolour paintings of bugs and some detailed observational drawing.

The have loved getting year 1 ready in PE and have used the gym equipment with increasing skill and control as well as starting to participate in team games.

Numeracy this term has expanded on the children’s basic number knowledge and we have been looking at 1 more 1 less, addition, pattern and shape in all areas of our learning.

We are looking forward to our final term together before their transition into year 1.