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Summer Term

Summer 2 

Another busy and exciting term in Year 3! 

We began the term looking at the history of the Celts. The children completed lots of research using a variety of sources to learn how the Celts became the most powerful people in Central and Northern Europe. In English the children then worked together to continue their research and make notes before creating some amazing information posters. They wrote about how the Celts were fierce warriors and wore no armour but painted their bodies with blue paint to scare the enemy. They also found out about types of houses, clothes and jewellery. Following the completion of the termly tests, the children looked at the poem the 'Magic Box' by Kit Wright and came up with their own ideas of what they would put in their own box. 

In mathematics the children learnt about angles and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They learnt the names of different angles and were able to compare and find these in a variety of shapes and the environment.  Later in the term, the children completed their mathematics test, and the results were pleasing. They then went on to learn about pictograms, tally charts and bar charts and how these can be used to represent information. The children enjoyed collecting their own data and creating tally charts. 

In art the children have continued to develop their skills, exploring how to shade and blend with a pencil before drawing detailed pictures of Roache Abbey for 'Picture This' . Some of the artwork was chosen to be displayed at a gallery at Gulliver's Valley in Sheffield. 

This term the children have continued to be active. They have enjoyed a range of games during PE to develop their teamwork and agility. Though sports day was a wash out this year the children still got to enjoy their ice-creams from the ice-cream van!


Before the children went off to transition with their new teacher the children enjoyed one last surprise. They were given a mystery envelope and had a fantastic cinema experience in the hall. Thanks to the Tesco community the children enjoyed a variety of treats whilst watching the film 'Inside Out'.


Summer 1 


It has been another busy term in year 3 exploring Africa.

In literacy we wrote a dairy about a day in our own life and then compared this to child the same age from Kenya. We were able to say what was the same and different about our family life at home and that of our life in school. In our English we practised writing from different viewpoints, using past tense and the personal pronoun I. We also learnt the story of Mama Panya Pie Corbett style with actions and a story map. We used this to create our own stories where the children developed characters, settings and plots. 


In maths we began with place value, continuing to look at the value of each digit in a number and being able to read and write numbers to 1000. The children then applied their knowledge to completing a range of problems involving missing numbers.  The children have also worked hard to consolidate strategies in addition and subtraction so they can solve one and two step word problems. One of our biggest challenges has been fractions, where the children have found unit and non-unit fractions of amounts and then applied this to solving word problems linked to our topic of Africa.

In Geography we used maps to locate Africa and some of its countries. The children also had fun learning the continents song. 


In science we have explored light sources, how light travels in straight lines and how shadows are formed.  The children also learnt that the moon, mirrors and windows reflect the light and which materials make the best reflectors. In addition to this the children had fun chasing their shadows before making shadow puppets and then using these to perform a show. 

In PE we have practised ball skills and the children have had the opportunity to apply these in small group games. We have also continued to develop team games. 


This half term in art children have continued to develop skills in their sketch books by exploring how they can shade with a pencil, creating different tones and textures. They have been part of the picture this project and have used these skills in their pencil pictures of Roache Abbey which will be displayed in a gallery. As part of our Africa topic the children have explored  batik patterns and created their own using wax crayon and boot polish.