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Summer Term

Summer 2 

During the summer term, we have been learning all about the Romans. We began by deciding who would win a battle between two groups of people shown on the board. At first, the children weren’t told anything about the groups but had to use historical sources to find out more information for themselves. The children quickly worked out that the Roman army would win against the Celts because they were much better organised and had better armour. We spent some time learning about a lady called Boudicca who attempted to rise up against the Romans. We retold the story of her life and learnt a Horrible Histories song. 

Towards the end of term, the children have been working hard to complete their final assessments. The teachers are extremely proud of the hard work and resilience that the children have shown this year. They have overcome the challenges of lockdowns and isolations to produce some excellent results as a year group. We have also completed the multiplication tables check as directed by the government and although this was only a trial year, the children worked very hard to gain scores of 25 out of 25. We had lots of fun taking part in TT Rockstars tournaments to help us reach our goals.  

In other areas of the curriculum, the children have enjoyed creating pictures of Roman soldiers in pastel and pencil, they have used ipads to create online Roman mosaics and taken part in interclass sports events such as rounders and athletics. The children have completed 12 weeks of swimming at the Rotherham Leisure Centre. They particularly enjoyed their water safety lesson where children had to swim in their pyjamas.  

It has been a pleasure to work with this year group. The teachers would like to wish them well as they move onto the next chapter and new beginnings in Year 5.  

Summer 1 


We started the summer term with a completely new topic called ‘Go with the flow!’. We have covered key areas of science and geography through this topic and the children have thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of our learning has linked to water.  


In literacy, we used a video stimulus called ‘The Fountain of Memory’ which provoked lots of wonderful discussion. The children wrote their own versions of the story from this and also illustrated their work with water colour crayons.  

In numeracy, we have been developing our understanding of fractions and decimals. The children have been able to relate this to money and have enjoyed trying out our new Power Maths program. We have also been developing our arithmetic skills and we keep trying to beat our scores on a weekly basis. We also continue to enjoy TT Rockstars and have participated in lots of rock battles in preparation for the multiplication tables check.  

In this term, we have begun our swimming sessions. The swimming teachers are extremely impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. This will continue into the final term and children will receive certificates for their achievements.  


In geography, we have learnt all about how rivers are formed. We created river dances to help us understand the three main parts of a river. We also linked our science learning of solids, liquids and gases to explain how the water cycle works. We have used maps of the UK to look at settlements and land use and can explain why people settle in certain places. 


During this term, we have enjoyed our PHSE lessons. We have discussed risks both online and when we are out and about. The children have enjoyed discussions with the teachers and know who they can turn to for support or what to do in an emergency. We have also discussed water safety and will be practising lifesaving skills in the final weeks of our swimming lessons. 


The staff are very impressed with the children’s attitude towards learning and look forward to seeing how they progress in the final half term.