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Summer Term

Summer 2 


Our topic began with a woodland walk to Barker’s Park where we observed, studied and listened in our local environment. From that experience, we created amazing woodland poetry including Haikus, Kennings and free verse poems and presented these to the Class.

The class story was The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. We used drama activities to investigate the characters of Bertie and his Mum. We also wrote our own endings to the story, using clues from the text.

In maths, we have looked at data and converting measures and answering questions related to this. We also focused on 2D and 3D shapes and used our knowledge of this to look at nets of shapes too.

We completed a ‘bee project’ and began our understanding of the importance of bees from reading this moving poem.


The Last Bee

After the last ee

had uzzed its last uzz,


the irds and the utterflies

did what they could.


ut soon the fields lay are,

few flowers were left,


nature was roken,

and the planet ereft.


Following on from this the children created fantastic posters and leaflets to share with our Redscope family about how pollination depends on bees and ways in which we can protect and save them. After learning about the way in which bees make honey we then enjoyed a baking session and made honey biscuits. It was lovely to see the children enjoying their biscuits and after making another batch, they decorated them to take home. Using their knowledge of nets from maths the children designed their own packaging for the biscuits and thoroughly enjoyed sharing them with family members.

In science, we compared the life cycles of plants, mammals, insects and amphibians. During our remote learning week, the children created a life cycle of an insect and presented it in a way of their choice. We also learnt the art of zentangle patterns and after practising the techniques, we were ready to create our own beautiful butterfly pictures.


Summer 1


Our summer term 1 topic continued with Vicious Vikings. We used our map skills to identify where the Vikings came from and where they settled in England and other countries around the world. This was complemented by our literacy work, which was an animated voyage called a Journey to England. This inspired our own narrative writing about a treacherous journey across the North Sea. After becoming very knowledgably about the Vikings, the children independently selected a Viking topic of their choice to further investigate and create a non-chronological report, choosing for themselves how they presented it. We then looked at King Alfred the Great and told the narrative through writing a ballad. Finally, we looked at the Viking Gods and Goddesses and focused on the myth of Thor and his stolen hammer. As a topic finale we watched the Marvel movie Thor and looked at similarities and differences between the myth and movie.    

In art, we have been working as a Class to create a piece of art to be displayed in the Picture This art gallery project and have had the opportunity to develop our clay skills. The children have also learnt the skill of weaving which the Vikings were experts at.

In science this half term, we have continued to focus on properties of material and forces. We focused on examining irreversible changes and the formation of new materials. Through investigation, we looked at different ways in which we can separate materials that are mixed together using sieves, filtration and evaporation.

In maths this half term we have continued with our work on understanding decimal place value, the children have located numbers with one decimal place on a number line and read and write fractions as decimal numbers. We have worked on rounding decimals with two decimal places to the nearest whole number and to one decimal place. We then looked at percentages and wrote percentages as a fraction and as a decimal fraction and completed problem solving questions. We have also revisited multiplication and consolidated division, the children have worked on dividing numbers up to 4 digits by a one-digit number using the formal written method of short division and also interpreted remainders. 

Class 11 have had the amazing opportunity to complete weekly PE sessions with the Rotherham Titans. They have thoroughly enjoyed playing tag rugby and learning the rules of the game.

We are looking forward to the final half term and seeing the children progress and mature as they become ready for Year 6!