Redscope Primary School, Rotherham
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Redscope Primary School

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At Redscope, we keep the cost of school uniforms to a minimum. Children do not need to wear school –branded items. A plain red cardigan or sweatshirt and plain white or red polo shirt (as available in any supermarket) is absolutely fine. If parents choose to buy Redscope branded items, this is fine but there is no expectation to do so.  


We would strongly encourage all parents to not spend lots of money on school uniform.  It is there to ensure that if a child gets dirty or messy within their school day with the creative and fun activities we provide items are easy to wash and are replaceable.  


Within school, we do have a supply of clean pre-loved uniform which is available at a small cost. Please see the school office or Family Liaison Coordinators (Mrs Mason and Mrs Tasker) or any staff who are on the gates if you would like any.  


If you do have any items which no longer fit your child, we would be more than happy to receive it.

Don’t forget to look smart and feel proud about being part of Redscope Primary School.


Our dress code is: 

Plain black or grey trousers, shorts or a plain black or grey knee length skirt.

Red and white checked school dresses are also allowed.

Tracksuit bottoms, jogging bottoms or leggings are not permitted for school uniform.

All children are expected to wear a red sweatshirt or cardigan over a white/red polo shirt.

Hoodies are not permitted.



Children should come to school wearing plain black flat shoes or black trainers. 


PE Kit 

White t shirt 

Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms for outdoor

PE Pumps/trainers for outdoor PE 



Jewellery should not be worn except for a watch. If children have pierced ears, they may wear one pair of studs which must be removed by the child for PE. 


Make- up and Hair

Make-up, nail varnish and false nails should not be worn to school. Extreme hair styles (e.g. dyed blue/ pink, mohawks, carved designs etc) are also not school uniform.