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Year 1

Summer 2nd Half Home Learning Ideas


  • Create an animal habitat in a shoe box 
  • Write a guide for how to look after a pet 
  • Draw/paint/collage/junk box model your favourite animal 
  • Research and create a poster about an endangered animal 
  • Take photographs of local wildlife and tweet your class teacher 


Summer 1st Half Home Learning Ideas



  • Junk box model a castle 
  • Design a coat of arms 
  • Make and decorate a shield 
  • Make a pottage (a stew with vegetables and grains) or bake bread 
  • Write an invitation to your banquet 
  • Draw or paint your favourite characters from The Sword in the Stone 
  • Design a costume for a king or queen 


Spring 2nd Half Home Learning Ideas

Great Britain


  • Design your own flag
  • Create a map of your journey from home to a special place
  • Write a family tree for the Queen
  • Write a letter to the Queen
  • Make a collage of a flag from Great Britain
  • Make a British landmark from cardboard boxes
  • Make a 3D map
  • Design and make a new bridge to cross the River Thames
  • Paint a portrait of the Queen
  • Research the myth behind the Giant's Causeway
  • Write a travel brochure for Kimberworth Park or another town/city in the United Kingdom



Autumn 2nd Half Home Learning Ideas

Winter is Coming


  • Share Christmas stories

  • Write a letter to Santa

  • Create an owl collage

  • Learn a favourite nursery rhyme or poem

  • Research Guy Fawkes



Autumn 1st Half Home Learning Ideas

Ourselves / Where have all the flowers gone?


  • Complete a family tree

  • Go for a walk in the local environment. Discuss the changes they can see

  • Identify evergreen and deciduous trees

  • Collect autumn leaves to draw or rub

  • Make collage pictures using materials they have found in the woods

  • Recognise shapes in the home. Take photographs and identify the shapes

  • Order household items from smallest to largest

  • Plot a map of your route from home to the park/a family member