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Year 2

Summer 2 Home Learning Ideas

‘Oh I do like to be besides the seaside’ 


  • Make a model of a beach scene.

  • Write your own seaside themed story.

  • Make an information booklet about a seaside town you have visited.

  • Create a world map showing the continents and oceans.

  • Research the continent Australia and present the information you find.

  • Write a report about the animas that can be found in Australia.



Summer 1 Home Learning Ideas

Hidden Homes


  • Make a woodland animal presentation.
  • Create a woodland animal home.
  • Go on a wild life hunt and photograph what you find.
  • Create a woodland animal fact sheet.
  • Make an animal woodland in a shoe box.
  • Use symmetry to draw a picture of a woodland animal.
  • Create a maths board game involving woodland animals.


Spring 2 Home Learning Ideas

Circle of Life


  • Plant a seed at home and keep a diary as it grows.

  • Find out about the life cycle of an unusual animal and create an information text about it.

  • Create a piece of art using pressed flowers.

  • Create a 3D lifecycle of the frog or butterfly

  • Make some life cycle themed multiplication cards.

  • Go on a nature walk and write a list of all the plants and animals you see.

Autumn 2nd Half

Autumn 1st Half