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Year 3

Autumn Term 1st Half 


Homework Tasks


You can help your child with their weekly tasks:


Learn weekly spellings

New spellings will be given on Friday and the children will be tested on the following Friday.

You need to check your child’s weekly spellings and support them in learning them.


Reading their reading book

Your child needs to read at least 3 times a week and have their diary signed. While they are reading you can ask questions about the content.

Practising Times tables

X2 x10 x5 x3 x4 x8

Help your child practise their times tables in order and randomly.


Project Tasks

This topic lasts for 8 weeks, in this time the children are expected to choose one activity from the list and complete with the help of their parents. The projects can be brought in at any time before the end of the term.


  • Create a fact file for a farm animal.
  • Create an advertisement for the film ‘Charlotte’s Web’
  • Write some instructions to tell people how to make your favourite sandwich.
  • Research 10 facts about healthy eating and what makes up a balanced diet.
  • Write a story about living on a farm.
  • Write a diary about a day in the life of Charlotte, Fern or Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web.
  • Draw and label a farm picture.
  • Bake a healthy snack.