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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

It has been another busy term in year 3 continuing our learning about Africa.

In literacy we wrote a dairy about a day in our own life and then compared this to child the same age from Kenya. We were able to say what was the same and different about our family life at home and that of our life in school. In our writing we practised writing from different viewpoints, using past tense and the personal pronoun I.

In science we have explored light sources, how light travels in straight lines and how shadows are formed. The children had fun chasing their shadows before making shadow puppets and then using these to perform a show.

As part of enterprise the year 3 children created their own company, ‘The Flower Factory’ in order to make flower pencils to sell at the fair. Some children designed posters to advertise our product, while some children had the opportunity to sell them on our stall.

The highlight of this term was the African drumming day where the children performed as a class for parents in an amazing drumming finale.

Although Summer 1 has been a short half term, we have been very busy in Year 3 learning all about Africa and will continue learning about this into Summer 2.


In literacy we have explored the world of Mama Panya in Kenya by writing our own stories making sure we applied our knowledge of subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences and make our stories more interesting. We have learnt how to use inverted commas and also applied these in our stories. We also used the story as a stimulus to write instructions for making pancakes.

We have had a break from calculation this half term and in maths we have been exploring equivalent fractions, lines, angles and shape. We enjoyed building fraction walls and matching fractions. We also looked at the nets of 3D shapes and built our own models of them.

In Geography we have begun to explore Africa, identifying it on a map and learning a few names of the places within Africa. We have watched videos and explored the differences and similarities between rural and urban Kenya.


The children have worked hard in Art this half term and have spent a morning learning how to draw and shade their own drawings of a variety of African instruments.

During this half term Year 3 have been learning about where our food comes from and how we can be healthy.
We kickstarted our science topic with a trip to Whirlow Hall farm where we were introduced to the food groups and a balanced diet. We also went to see the animals and learnt about the process they go through and why so that we can enjoy their product. We visited the orchard and the bee hives to learn about the importance of pollination. We then used our knowledge and ingredients from the farm to make honey and banana pancakes! Yummy!
In Science we have also learnt about our skeleton. We labelled up our friends to identify different bones in our bodies. Teeth and digestion have also been part of our Science learning this half term.
In our literacy we watched the film Charlotte's Web. We retold the story and practised writing character and setting descriptions using expanded noun phrases. We introduced main and subordinate clauses when we created newspaper reports about the wonderful things happening at the farm and continued practising using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions in our non-chronological reports about staying healthy.

In our spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons we have learnt how to add the prefixes il, I'm and in. We have worked on sentence structures using subordinating and coordinating clauses and spent time looking at contracted words. We have learnt about adverbs and how to use them appropriately.

We have loved having a P.E teacher from Winterhill come to our school and work with us on our Athletics and Tag Rugby skills. The children worked hard to learn the game and listened carefully to the rules.
We have been really busy in maths this half term. We have continued to develop our understanding of multiplication and division, worked with money making different amounts and solving problems, consolidated column addition and we have begun to consolidate column subtraction.
Lots of children in Year 3 are working hard with their times tables so they can get them crossed off and have had fun using TT rockstars.

As part of Women's history month we spent a day researching Princess Diana. We completed a reading comprehension, learnt about her life and why she is an important woman in history and completed some great artwork.

In ICT the children have been working with Mr Jordan on using the scratch programme which helps children develop programming skills. They are really enjoying putting their extensive ICT skills to use.

During Spring 1 Year 3 have really enjoyed learning all about the Stone Age! We have explored each time period and how life changed during each one. They have worked hard creating non-chronological reports and written their own mysterious Stone Age stories.


The children have produced some wonderful home learning in relation to our topic. They have made a variety of houses from each of the time periods.

In maths we learnt how to tell the time to the nearest minute! It was tricky at first but we got there in the end.

We have spent a lot of time learning about fractions and using the bar model to support us. We have also re-capped column addition.


Our SPAG has focused on spellings this half term. We have looked at the rules for adding the –tion/-sion ending, prefixes and suffixes and re-capping the different word classes.


We designed and made our own Stone Age pottery out of clay making sure our pots had a purpose. The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty with the clay and sculpting their own masterpieces! We have also explored cave art and the children used aged paper to create their own.

Our Science this half term has been around Rocks and Soils. We have investigated how rocks are formed, how fossils are formed and the things we might use different rocks for. The children have particularly enjoyed making ‘chocolate rocks’ to explore the different formations.


Year 3 have had a wonderful half term learning all about the Polar Regions. The children have been particularly engaged throughout this topic and were really excited to create their own non-chronological reports about the different animals that live in the North and South Pole. They worked hard and explored the features to make sure their reports were presented well.
After a mysterious box of items was left at school and several interesting riddles were delivered we finally discovered a book called ‘Ice Palace’. We have really enjoyed listening to this scary story and thought about how it could end. We predicted and wrote blurbs just from the photo.
We have explored our own homes and used google maps to find our houses. We know where in the world we are and have compared this to where the North and South Poles are.
In maths we have been learning about division, multiplication, shape and perimeter.
We have been learning how to use a/an in our SPAG lessons, as well as learning how to use the possessive apostrophe and when we should use was or were.
During Autumn 1, Year 3 have been really busy. All the children have settled well into their new routines and are respecting the rules.
We enjoyed watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory which really hooked us into our learning where we described settings and characters and learnt about adjectives, verbs and nouns as well as similes and alliteration.
Following our trip to Cadbury world, we have all definitely become bonkers for Wonka! The children enjoyed learning about where chocolate has come from and engaged well with all the Cadbury World had to offer. They worked hard re-counting their experiences and creating an extended piece of writing.
We looked at how adverts draw in an audience and created our own persuasive adverts to sell a variety of chocolate bars.
In our mathematic work we have consolidated place value as well as introducing new concepts such as column addition and subtraction. We have also worked with arrays to work out multiplication problems. Alongside this we have used our zappers to practise our mental maths multiplication skills and adding and subtracting smaller numbers mentally.
The children have been introduced to TT Rockstars and enjoy using some of their ICT sessions to compete with their classmates.
The children have developed their independence this year during guided reading sessions and really taken control of their own learning by choosing and completing a comprehension activity in their reading journals. We are working hard on understanding the texts they are reading and developing inference skills.
Our Science has focused on plants this half term. We have explored what a plant is made up of, what it needs to grow well and explored the pollination and germination processes.
The children really relished the opportunity to design their very own chocolate bars. They worked in groups and had to think about what type of chocolate they were going to use and the things they would add to make it appealing to their adults. The children then got to make a sample of their chocolate bar, gave it a name and designed a wrapper. Our finale involved inviting parents in to try the delicious chocolate bar that the child had made.
Mrs Ryott and Miss Preston are really excited to join their new classes as they head into Year 3. Mrs Ryott is the Teacher in Class 8 and Mrs McCord is the Teaching Assistant. In Class 7, Miss Preston is the Teacher and Mrs Wilks is the Teaching Assistant. The children have settled well into the changes of the routines in Key Stage 2. Our Learning Journey this half term will be 'Bonkers for Wonka'. We will be identifing the countries chocolate comes from, learning about Fair Trade and exploring the climate in comparison with our local environment. In Art and D&T we will be learning about how chocolate box packaging is made. We will design and create our own alongside the artwork to go on the front for our own, individual chocolate bars!