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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

During Summer 2, Year 3 learnt all about Francesca Simon and read lots of her Horrid Henry books. We explored how letters are formed and wrote our own to the author. We then created our own weird and wonderful characters to be a part of our very own Horrid Henry stories. The children had fantastic imagination and created some truly wonderful stories with that Horrid Henry twist. We had the pleasure of working with the local children's author Scott Morton who shared his stories with us and stretched our imaginations. We created our own 'perfect' character and a 'horrid' one. As you can see, they are interesting.

During our maths lessons we spent time consolidating a variety of skills, such as, column addition and subtraction, perimeter and digital time. We also spent some time looking at a variety of different graphs and charts and interpreting the data on them.

In science we explored light and reflection. We discovered different sources of light and which materials reflect the best. We explored how shadows are formed and had fun making our own out in the sunshine.

We had such fun learning all about Spain on Spanish day! We sampled different foods, learnt how to flamenco dance, listened to stories in Spanish and sang some Spanish songs! We explored the colours and completed a colour by number, in Spanish!

What a fantastic end to a fantastic year. We have had so much fun and made so many memories and the learning that has taken place has been great.

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In Year 3 this half term we have had a history based topic and have been learning all about the Stone Age.

We have linked our history with our literacy and produced some wonderful Stone Age reports to inform everyone about the houses they lived in, the food they ate and the clothes they wore. We focused on forming coherent sentences and how to add extra information using subordinate clauses.

We tackled fiction by exploring a story which was written in the first person and challenged the children to write story with consistent first or third person all the way through and including some of their knowledge of the Stone Age.


We were very lucky this half term to have a visit from a cave man! He taught us all about how archaeologists work to find evidence from the past. We looked at how to complete a dig, how people from the Stone Age made fire and how they lived. Children got involved through drama and enjoyed being part of a Stone Age experience!


In Science we have been learning about Rocks and Soils. We have explored how sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are formed and enjoyed making examples from chocolate! We have also looked at what fossils are and how they are formed.


We have learnt lots in maths this half term with a big focus on money and measures. We have practised measuring using rulers, weighing scales and jugs and looked at standard measures. We have recapped all of our coins and worked hard as shopkeepers to give the right amount of change when buying items from a shop.


In our spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons we have been learning the rule for doubling the consonant, exploring word families and looking at homophones.


We have had a very creative half term. We have been busy designing and creating Stone Age pottery that has a purpose, practised our skills as cave artists and produced some beautiful observational drawings of Stone Age animals.


Our P.E lessons have been spent keeping fit and learning about what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We have been practising our football skills and how to control a ball with our feet.


In Year 3 we have pledged to practise our spellings every week, read 3 times and continue to practise our times tables with our zappers or on Times Table Rockstars! We can see children are trying hard with these skills.



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African Drumming

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Shrek Finale

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The children performed a finale show for their topic, Myths and Legends, to their family. The children watched the film Shrek as a vehicle for learning so used this as inspiration for their dance showcase.

Last week Class 7 had a fabulous time making bread. They used various skills including measuring, working collaboratively as a group and resilience kneading the dough. After all of their hard work they enjoyed tasting their delicious bread. 


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Mrs Ryott and Miss Preston are really excited to join their new classes as they head into Year 3. Mrs Ryott is the class teacher in class 8 and Mrs Ross is the teaching assistant. In class 7, Miss Preston is the class teacher and Mrs Wilks is the teaching assistant. The children have settled well into the changes of the routines in Key Stage 2 and have already produced some excellent work. Our Learning Journey this half term will be 'Food and Farming'. We will be finding out about healthy food, where our food comes from, food groups and how to keep our bodies healthy. Our literacy, science, geography, ICT, art and DT will also relate to this theme.

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