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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

The final term has certainly been a busy one! During the first two weeks after half term we focused on persuasive leaflets. The manager at Treak Cliff Cavern set the children a challenge to update their dull leaflets and make them more interesting than than the previous ones to encourage more people to visit. The children rose to the challenge and produced some very informative and eye catching leaflets. Their powers of persuasion were excellent. 



Year 4 then had the pleasure of contributing to this year's Picture This! event. We looked at the work of Claude Monet and then recreated work inspired by flowers in his garden. Miss Hipwell and Mrs Pye went to Magna to display the work and were very proud of the final display which was open to the public for two weeks. The class got to see their work and other school's on display during numerous events for the children's festival.

During this time, the children also attended One Voice. This is an annual event which showcases the best voices in Rotherham. Our children loved the experience and we had so many positive comments from families who came to watch. We certainly brought down the house.  Both Mrs Pye and Miss Hipwell were very proud of everyone on the day as it was quite daunting performing in front of such a large audience.

In our final few weeks we have spent time learning about rivers in our mini river topic. We linked our learning back to the River Nile and also used this learning to discuss why people settled near them.  We then spent time learning about the Romans. We discovered why the Romans wanted to settle in Great Britain and carried out research about the Roman Army. The children learnt about famous characters from the past including Boudicca and discovered how she won great battles against the Romans. 

The children enjoyed DT lessons with Mrs. Bailey from Winterhill. They designed and made their own pop-up cards. Class 9 said a fond farewell to their teaching assistant Mrs. Ridge before the end of term.

It has certainly been a busy half term and the children have worked very hard. We would like to wish all the children well as they move onto the next chapter and into Year 5. Thank you for the continued support you have given us. It has been a  pleasure. 

We’ve crammed a lot of things into this short half term. At the start of the term the children were introduced to the class text Blue John by Berlie Doherty. This created lots of interest about caves. We then got to visit Castleton and explore the caves at Treak Cliff Cavern. This was an amazing experience.


Following our visit, the children have written recounts and then gone on to make posters all about caves using research gathered in ICT sessions and on ipads. The children have created sketch maps of Castleton. They enjoyed using Google street view to remind themselves of all the beautiful sights.


Sadly our 8 week block of ukulele sessions finished with Mrs Usher but we finished with a fantastic performance which the Year 3 children were lucky to come and see. The children have been enjoying their swimming lessons and these will continue after half term. The children are really looking forward to their Water Safety lessons which will take place in the second week back.

Year 4 have continued their learning of Ancient Egypt during this half term. The enthusiasm from the children has been exceptional and the work on display is beautiful and truly reflects their efforts. 

During this term we have learnt more about Ancient Egyptian Gods and created our own Top Trump cards. We completed our Ancient Egyptian dance routine and shared this during our finales. 
Towards the end of term, we watched The Prince of Egypt. This is one of Miss Hipwell’s favourite films. The children produced some excellent artwork from the film in pastel.  They learnt all about Moses and the burning bush and sequenced key events from the ten plagues. 

To bring our topic to a close we had a fantastic visit from Juliet Desially. She is the author of Ma’at’s Feather and Ammit’s Revenge. We found out what inspired her to become a writer and looked at her notebooks which show the story in its early stage. Some children bought their own copies of the book which were signed by Juliet herself. 
In numeracy, the children have tried really hard to learn to tell the time in analogue and digital. We have continued our learning of decimals and solved problems in the context of money. Throughout the term, children have also been accessing TTRockstars and have improved their band status. This is an excellent resource to help children learn their timestable facts. 

On April the 1st, Year 4 began their swimming sessions. The children have been fantastic so far and the sessions will continue after half term. During these sessions the children will be developing more confidence in the water and practising a range of swimming strokes. 

During science week, the children took part in a range of fun science activities. The children loved the mintos and coke activity. We also tried a range of other activities which may be shown during a science fair in June. 

We have had some great times during this term including pyjama day as part of our World Book day celebrations. The children enjoyed the bedtime reading session in the upper hall. We also shared our favourite stories with the class.
For that last 8 weeks, Year 4 have also been really lucky to have ukulele sessions with Mrs Usher from Winterhill. We have been learning a song which we will perform to Year 3 next term. Both classes have tried really hard to learn the chords and persevered even when it got a little fiddly. 
The Year 4 teachers are impressed with the home learning which has been shared in school. We are already looking forward to seeing how creative you can all be next term when we begin out next topic. 
During the Spring term we have been learning a lot about the Ancient Egyptians.  They children have been enthused by the topic and the themes which have been covered so far. The class text, Ma'at's Feather has given the children an insight into life during Ancient Egyptian times. The children are now working their way through the second book and cannot wait to see what happens next.  In the next term, the author Juliet Desially will be visiting us.
The children found mummification very interesting and wrote their own instructions about how to mummify a dead body and send them on their way to the afterlife.  The children also listened to the story of Howard Carter and his amazing discovery of Tutankhamen. They have written diary entries from the perspective of Howard Carter and can discuss the significance of this discovery.
The children were keen to taste foods traditionally eaten in Ancient Egyptian times and then gathered data to find out which fruit was the most popular and displayed data in tables, bar charts and thought of a selection of questions directly linked to the data.
In Art, we have drawn pictures of different people across the Ancient Egyptian social pyramid. We have used images from the past to imitate their style. We also used sketching pencils to create pictures of different fruits which would have been grown in Egypt.  We researched hieroglyphics and the significance which they had in Ancient Egyptian times. We learnt about the Rosetta stone and how this was the key to being able to decipher the written language used. Then we wrote our own names on tea-stained paper. 
In Numeracy, the children have been working on their fractions and decimal understanding. They are able to count in tenths and hundredths. The children have been using different models and images to support their understanding. They can now tackle fraction word problems confidently. We are pleased with how the children have responded so positively to this unit of learning. 
In PE, the children have been working on their basketball skills. They have learnt how to dribble a ball and use different passing techniques. The children have worked well as part of a team to take part in mini basketball tournaments. The children have also tried very hard to be active for at least 20 minutes per day by taking part in the daily mile and GoNoodle. We have also been developing mindfulness techniques. 
In Science, we have been working on a stand alone topic all about electricity. The children have been making circuits using a range of electrical components. They have worked on science challenges to create their own switches and have investigated which materials are good conductors of electricity. 
We have had some excellent examples of home learning this term. Some have been left in our outside learning area as they fit in perfectly with out mummy's tomb. We look forward to receiving more home learning after half term.

Year 4 are trialing tribe time. This is given to the children who work hard every single day and come ready for school. The games afternoon was received for reading every day and completing our reward chart. 

This topic will continue into the Spring term where children will be finding out more about Ancient Egyptian daily life. 
In Autumn 2, we have continued our topic of Living in Harmony with on a focus on the sounds around us. The children have explored how different sounds are made and have designed and made their own instruments out of junk that can be found in the home. Parents were invited to attend and support their children. It was a very successful morning. 
During enterprise week, both classes worked on a combined project to make melting snowman biscuits. This linked perfectly to our class text 'The Snowman'. The children enjoyed looking at the pictures and discussed the key events of the story. As part of our Christmas display, the children recreated their own Snowman pictures which have been presented beautifully on the Year 4 corridor. Thanks to Mrs Ross we even have our own life size snowman to take selfies with. 
As part of our finale, we went to see a live orchestra perform music from The Snowman at Sheffield City Hall. We had an amazing time and now have something ticked off the Redscope bucket list. The behaviour of the children was impeccable and the extended bus trip home didn't dampen anyone's spirits. 
With the introduction of tribe time, the 'always children' have been given weekly slots to do something creative of their choice after gaining 5 green dots throughout the week. The children have already made Christmas decorations, origami paper fortune tellers and mindfulness colouring activties. 
This half term we have also worked with Miss. Gordon from Wingfield to learn new skills in gymnastics. 
The children have worked very hard and have put in lots of effort to learn the songs for our Christmas performance. We have a combination of traditional hymns and fun upbeat songs. We are very proud of each and everyone of them and hope that they continue this hard work into the new year. 

Our topic this half term has been Living in Harmony. We have focused on the woodland area in particular British birds. Children have taken part in a wide range of activities including woodland poetry, the story of Colly's Barn written by Michael Morpurgo, Book reviews, Bird reports, a recount of Clumber Park, an explanation text about why swallows migrate, instructions about how to make a bird cake and a fantasy story based on our topic.


In Maths we have measured the length of birds and compare the length of different birds and generated our own problem solving questions.

We have visited Clumber Park for the day and found out about British birds, swallows nests, owl sounds, types of trees and practiced pond dipping which was lots of fun!


In Science our focus has been Living Things. We have read the story 'Prudence Wants A Pet' and discussed and sorted living and non-living things. We have watched videos about vertebrates and sorted them into groups. We have also found out about the seven life processes and created our own posters. We have looked at different food chains and created our own food chains. Children have designed a poster to stop pollution in the environment and look after animals and birds.


In Art children have produced art work linked to images from the story of Colly's Barn using oil pastels. They have also used sketch pencils and practiced shading using light and dark to create images of British birds from pictures. Children have used clay to manipulate and create woodland animals and then painted them.

We have visited Barkers Park to film our bird reports for Clumber Park with Rawmarsh CLC. To watch the fabulous reports please visit the link below.
Mrs. Kirkman visited school to talk to the children about her passion for bird watching and explained to the children how we can look after the environment and care for birds. She also shared some interesting facts about birds.

In PE we have followed the new scheme Jasmine and children have practiced movements, listening skills and team games.


In Music we have focused on Rhythm and Pitch and children have enjoyed learning different singing games. We have also practiced songs for the Harvest festival at Church.


In ICT we have been researching facts about birds and used a program to create a sorting diagram about birds.


Miss Hipwell and Mrs Pye are very enthusiastic to join their new classes as they begin Year 4. Miss Hipwell is the Teacher in Class 10 and Miss Wilkins is the Teaching Assistant. In Class 9, Mrs Pye is the Teacher and Mrs Clarke is the Teaching Assistant. The children have settled well into the daily routine of Year 4 and have already produced some excellent work. This half-term our Learning Journey is 'Living in Harmony'.