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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

During this half term, we have spent five weeks investigating the UK coastline as our final topic at Redscope. We have been reading 'The White Horse of Zennor' short stories by Michael Morpurgo and writing various text types from differing character viewpoints. We have also been researching UK rockpool life to create an informative non-chronological report. In art, we have been using different media to create observational drawings of coastlines creatures and seascapes. The children were interested in learning about physical and human features of the UK coastlines and the impact that they have on area. For our final visit in Y6, we went to Scarborough for the day and had great fun! After a coastal walk, identifying the features that we have studied, we spent some time in the amusements and on the beach, followed by delicious fish and chips in a restaurant! Great fun was had by all on that day and the sun shone briefly for us.
On Friday 5th July, we said a fond farewell at our leavers' assembly. The children spoke about their memories of school, sang beautifully and performed a poem to the large audience that attended. After a very successful year in Y6, we wish them all the best in their secondary education.

This half term has been a very tiring one for all of us! We have been extremely proud of how hard the children worked during SATs week, approaching all the tests with maturity and resilience. Whatever the outcome, they all tried their best and should be very pleased with themselves.


To celebrate SATs coming to an end, we all well and truly let our hair down this week at PGL Caythorpe Court. During the three days that we were there, we participated in a range of activities and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.



We worked as teams to construct a raft using only barrels, wooden poles and rope. After being shown nautical knots to use, each team were challenged to create their floating vessel and put it to the test on the water. Needless to say, there were no dry participants by the end of the sessions!

Archery and Rifle Shooting

During these activities, children were shown how to use the equipment safely to aim at a target board. The children played a variety of games to practise their skills and loved being in competition with each other whilst improving their skills at the same time.

Passport to the World and Orienteering

These tasks tested map reading skills and the ability to work as a team. Independently, children explored the site using their maps and navigational skills to complete the challenge that they had been set. Luckily, all the children made it back to the base so they must be pretty good at map reading!

Climbing and All Aboard

These high rope activities challenged the children to push themselves to the limit and take themselves out of their comfort zones. We were very impressed with all their bravery and they definitely managed to climb further than some of the staff!

As well as the actual activities, we were very impressed with the manners of our children during meal times and their general behaviour around the site was excellent, representing our school well. Well done to everyone who took part; your parents should be very proud of you.

This half term, we have started our new topic of ‘Dark Times’. This began with a visit from John Nevison, the infamous Yorkshire highwayman. We helped him to escape from the constables and, in return, he told us all about his outfit and weapons. He even told us a few interesting stories about his horse, Nutmeg.
We used this visit as inspiration for our writing, creating character and setting descriptions. We also created pencil sketches of the highwayman and his weapons. 

During our literacy lessons, we have studied the narrative poem, ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. We used this as a stimulus to create our own narrative pieces from the perspective of different characters. We also used this as an opportunity to practise using different types of sentences and more advanced forms of punctuation in writing.


On World Book Day, we had lots of fun in our pyjamas, reading bedtime stories and discussing our favourite books.  

In maths, we have been learning about percentages, decimals and fractions and solving problems using these skills. During our revision sessions, we have recapped properties of 2D and 3D shape, area and perimeter, algebra and angles. We have also learnt about ratio and proportion. 
In science, we have been studying evolution and, as part of Women's History Month, focused on the discoveries of paleontologist Mary Anning. We looked at Darwin's theories of Natural Selection and thought about how animals and plants adapt to their environments. 
As part of our topic last term about Mexico and The Maya, we were visited by archaeologist, Dr Diane Davies, who is the only Maya specialist in the entire country! 
During the visit, Dr Davies told us all about her travels to the Mexican jungle, where she encountered many dangerous and fascinating creatures, such as howler monkeys and pizotes. 
Some of us tried to blow into the shell and make a musical note as the Maya do – it was really difficult!  
We dressed in traditional Maya clothes. 
Here is a codex - a traditional Maya text. Look how long it is! 
Back in the classroom, we looked at many interesting artefacts from Mesoamerica. 
Here we are, piecing a broken bowl back together; this is how it would have been found on an archaeological site. 
We even got a chance to crack open a cacao bean and eat it! It didn’t taste at all like the chocolate we buy in the shops. 
If you would like to find out more about Dr Davies and her research, please visit her website:

This half term, Year 6 have been focussing on the topic of ‘Mexico’. This began with our topic launch on the first day back after half term. You can see from the photographs just how much fun we had! We painted our faces, made Nachos Supreme and created sugar-skull candle holders. 



Here is some of our home learning inspired by this topic launch day. 
In November, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Into Film Festival 2018 and watched a brilliant film called Zoo. It was based on the true story of a boy who rescued an elephant from Belfast Zoo during the Second World War.
We enjoyed the film so much that we carried on learning about it the next day. We used our inference skills to discuss the cinematography of the film and create character profiles. 
Our Mexico topic continued as we learnt all the about Día de los Muertos. We looked at paintings by American artist Pristine Turkus and tried to replicate her style in our own artwork. 
In literacy, we watched the animated film, ‘Día de los Muertos’, which is about a little girl who is transported into a magical world and discovers the true meaning of the Mexican festival. We used this to write our own stories based on the characters and events in the film. 
This half term, Rotherham CLC visited us for a computing workshop, where they showed us how to use algorithms and creative coding to programme Tello Drones. 
In music, we have been learning how to play the ukulele.
Here is our final display for our Mexico topic. Here you can see our finished artwork and our non-chronological reports about Día de los Muertos. 
Towards the end of the half term, we began getting festive by reading the book ‘The Polar Express’. We used the illustrations to write detailed descriptions of different scenes within the book. 
Inspired by the hot chocolate scene in The Polar Express film, we produced these beautiful pencil sketches of the cups and saucers which the children on the train are given as they journey to the North Pole. 
What a fantastic start Year 6 have made! Since the beginning of September, we have been learning about World War Two and how it affected the people of Britain. We have produced some excellent writing around this subject, including newspaper articles, informative reports and diary extracts. 
Here we are learning about rationing.
During this busy half term, we even managed to fit in a visit to Eden Camp, where we learnt about so many aspects of life in Wartime Britain. 
We were visited by Mr. and Mrs. Boot, who were children during World War Two. They explained to us what it was like to take shelter in an air raid, how rationing affected them and the kinds of games they played during the war.
Here is some of our home learning, inspired by our recent topic.
Classes 13 and 14 also visited The Lifewise Centre at Hellaby this half term to take part in ‘Crucial Crew’. Here, we learnt about how to keep safe on the roads and in the community, and we took part in a number of scenarios involving fire safety, first aid and public transport. 

PGL Caythorpe Residential Meeting 2019

Welcome to Year 6! In Year Six we have Miss Howden teaching in Class 14 and Mrs Walpole in Class 13. Mrs Naylor teaches in Class 13 for one day each week whilst Mrs Walpole completes her Acting Deputy Headteacher role. Mrs Smith and Miss Carratt support learning in Year 6 as it is such an important year. The children have settled well into the demands of Year 6 and have already produced some fantastic work to a high standard.