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Year 6

Autumn Term 1st Half


Home Learning Tasks




Your child will learn a spelling pattern or rule each week and will be given a list of spellings to revise for a test the following week. Spellings will be given on a Friday to learn for the following Friday.


Your child receives reading homework twice a week. Please make sure that they complete this. Initial the planner so that your child can receive reading rewards. Any incomplete reading homework will have to be done at break or lunch time to keep up with the storyline.

Learn multiplication tables


You may want to check and spot check your child with questions about the x table they are working on.


Project Tasks

Create one piece of home learning this half term

  1. Create a fact sheet or presentation about a particular area of WW2.
  2. Make a model of a plane, tank or air raid shelter.
  3. Design and make a WW2 meal using rations.
  4. Write a WW2 poem.
  5. Interview somebody who had experience of being in the war.
  6. Or anything else linked to WW2!