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Yorkshire Houses

Yorkshire House Point Reward System


All pupils from Year 1-6 are part of 8 houses which are based on places in Yorkshire. They are Barnsley, Bradford, Harrogate, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield and York. We believe that the children should have an awareness of places within this fantastic county and be proud to be part of Yorkshire. Each child should have a badge to represent their house and we encourage the children to wear this every day with pride.


Points are collected electronically and individual rewards are earned by your child.

100 points – Bronze level certificate and badge

300 points – Silver level certificate and badge

600 points – Gold level certificate and badge

As well as getting points for their learning, home learning, positive behaviours and attitudes e.g. resilience, kindness, teamwork, they also achieve points for reading and attendance.

3 points per week for full attendance plus 2 bonus points for being on time.

5 points per week for reading three times (so 10 for reading 6 times)


Over the course of the year, the houses will have special challenges where they can gain extra points. During sports day, the children will compete within these house teams. At the end of the year, the house with the most points wins a trophy and they go on a special (free) trip.


Last year, the winners were Harrogate who enjoyed a day at Gulliver’s Valley. This year, another exciting Yorkshire place will be explored.


Children in Classes 1 and 2, Clever Kittens and Redscope Early Years collect dojo points instead as the numbers involved are within their understanding. Points are still awarded on the same basis.